“I went to the river because it moved” by Corey Mesler

I went to the river because it moved

I went to the river because it moved
and I was alone. I had eaten
figs and good bleu cheese, and
I had cautioned my heart about its
profligate singing. I spoke softly
to the river and the river answered
in its swift, brown voice. You are above
me like the stars, not of me like the
eel. All day I see you pacing and
dancing and fretting and loving and I
wonder why you come to me with your
pain. And I replied to the river: I am
only one man. I am alone too much. The
river took the last sunshine onto its
swell and it showed me the way back home.
I went there and a friend came over. We
spent the evening with our poems and
our drinks and, for a while, we were one.
In the morning I seemed afloat upon dream.
The river and my friend had become part of me.

 has been published in numerous anthologies and journals including Poetry, Gargoyle, Five Points, Good Poems American Places, and Esquire/Narrative. He has published 8 novels, 4 short story collections, and 5 full-length poetry collections. His new novel, Memphis Movie, is from Counterpoint Press. He’s been nominated for the Pushcart many times, and 2 of his poems were chosen for Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac. With his wife he runs a 145 year-old bookstore in Memphis. He can be found at https://coreymesler.wordpress.com.


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