2 Poems by E. Kristin Anderson

Lean and Dig

The cities hover, steely at the century,
sharp. You’ll move into books, solo,
a single silence on this fire field.

The battery pack, it records a place
in your every machine. Lean into
a rough option, on rails, keep moving.

The cut around the air? Precious. Duck into
a crowded pit. Your own falcon doesn’t stand tough—
the city comes from golden licking, this fire stolen.

Wind? Slow to accelerate.
Warm up machines.

This is a found poem. Source material: “F-Zero.” Nintendo Power, Volume 29, October 1991,               pages 8-11.

Personal Element

I was where I had to be –
a story, translated.  I swear,
the vocabulary seeped into
full, firsthand choices.

I have unzipped summer,
days rewarding beauty,
a peek at the moment.

I stopped breathing;
I have it framed.

This is an erasure poem. Source material: “Fashion at Work: Alexandra Perron” by Claire Knebl. Teen Vogue, September 2014, pages 78-80

E. Kristin Anderson 
is a multi-Pushcart-nominated poet and author who grew up in Westbrook, Maine and is a graduate of Connecticut College. She has a fancy diploma that says “B.A. in Classics,” which makes her sound smart but has not helped her get any jobs in Ancient Rome. Kristin is the co-editor of Dear Teen Me, an anthology based on the popular website and her next anthology, Hysteria: Writing the female body, is forthcoming from Lucky Bastard Press. Her poetry has been published worldwide in many magazines and anthologies and she is the author of seven chapbooks including A Guide for the Practical Abductee (Red Bird Chapbooks), Pray Pray Pray: Poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night (Porkbelly Press, 2015), 17 Days (ELJ Publications), Fire in the Sky (Grey Book Press), and She Witnesses (dancing girl press). Kristin a co-editor at Lucky Bastard and is a poetry editor at Found Poetry Review. Once upon a time she worked at The New Yorker. She now lives in Austin, TX where she works as a freelance editor and is trying to trick someone into publishing her full-length collection of erasure poems based on women’s and teen magazines. She blogs at EKristinAnderson.com and tweets at @ek_anderson.


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