Three Poems by Sarah Azzara

Sleeping with the Director

I am in bed with the director
but not like you think.
We are roommates
for the Berlin production of Voyeur.

Her breath
is a little zipper going up and down.
It spotlights her brain-theater
And I can tell the show is on.

I long for a spyglass
to peer into each fancied room
and see which tangent is directing tonight:

The art springing up like dandelions
where the wall once rooted it up?
The phrase, “albino space trash”?
th century animal group names?

But she’s opaque
like the beach towel blocking the 5am light
as she zips and unzips.


Just when the day shakes me open,
the bell brings Mikaela, the Finn,
with her willowy frame,
her waterfall of dreads —
ash blonde and screaming red —
and tiny, stainless arrows
impaled through each eyebrow. 
She is exquisite.  And

she will play the aging party girl.

After rehearsal, we can’t stop singing
our Elizabethan roundrel
and by the time we quit the discotheque,
we realize how centuries ago, we were Viking Brothers
committing acts so dreadful that in this life,
Karma made us women, threats to no one,
growing invisible with age.

And our director is a witch
who knew all of this
before she conjured us up.


Rauand’s family fled to Germany
when he was five, and life in Kurdistan
flirted too hard with its own end.

Now he is twenty-three, an actor,
very German, and very stylish,
and he let me sleep with his sock bunny.

When he made us the kind of dinner
his mom used to make,  its scent lifted us
three out of four flights of walk-up

The casting agents don’t know
about  the sock bunny
or mom’s home cooking.

They just need him
to be a foreigner
and wave a gun.

Sarah Azzara (it rhymes) is a poet, songwriter, and visual artist whose work has been published in journals including The Southampton Review, Long Limbs, The Din, The GW Review, American Literary, and Wooden Teeth.  In 2011, she was selected for the Dramatist Guild of America’s Songwriter Salon showcase in Times Square.  Her other awards and honors include The Academy of American Poets College Prize and the David Lloyd Kreeger prize in sculpture.  Sarah holds an MFA from Stony Brook University, an MA from The George Washington University, and currently teaches for the Program of Writing and Rhetoric, the School of Journalism, and the Honors College at Stony Brook University. She resides in Sound Beach, New York, where she cares for a small array of variously-sized humans and other mammals. 


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