orchard and barn


Why would I want an autograph or two?
Like books that note what venues I’ve been to,
I gather girls like summer strawberries,
and honestly, I’d lose them all for you.

If you would like—whisper, they’ll disappear.
(Both books and girls, I mean, if I’m unclear.)
Then I’ll have time to linger on your skin
Kissed by the sea before my lips were here.

Why would I throw my books away? What use
Is that? Don’t say that you yourself could choose
Just one. You know you’d have no better luck
Than if you asked that I stick to one muse.

One loves tomatoes, ripening on their vine,
Another can’t inspire without wine;
Juniper scents the one who loves me most—
It’s true you’re one of them, but there are nine.

The Whale’s poetry editor Jordi Alonso graduated with an AB in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Kenyon College in the spring of 2014, where he studied poetry and literary translation. He currently is a Turner Fellow in Poetry at SUNY Stony Brook Southampton and has been published or has work forthcoming in The Southampton ReviewEdible, The Colorado ReviewThe Lyric, and other journals. His first book, a collection of poems inspired by Sappho entitled Honeyvoiced was published by XOXOX Press in November of 2014. He is currently working on an erotic-poetic cookbook.


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