Letter to a Tea-Lover

Letter to a Tea-Lover

We: two poets warming our hands on hot ceramic.
Once, we drank and wandered past waiting playgrounds,
trading authors, chocolate cravings, stacks of tea bags
    ready for steeping.

One year later: misunderstandings fester,
and the awkward secretive glances over
often empty dining-hall water-heaters
    make us relive a

day that surely no one should want to think of
over every afternoon teacup. Must we
ache for every look we have stolen, and for
    every unplanned time

fate has found it funny to have us meet each
other? Cue our mumbled apologetic
greetings and our wandering pupils landing
    finally on some

detail of our shoes or our tea-stained tote-bags.
Can we try to turn back time, tea-phile airy
poet? Can we, choriac, quiet, name-twin?

––Written in spearmint

The Whale’s poetry editor Jordi Alonso graduated with an AB in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Kenyon College in the spring of 2014, where he studied poetry and literary translation. He currently is a Turner Fellow in Poetry at SUNY Stony Brook Southampton and has been published or has work forthcoming in The Southampton ReviewEdible, The Colorado ReviewThe Lyric, and other journals. His first book, a collection of poems inspired by Sappho entitled Honeyvoiced was published by XOXOX Press in November of 2014. He is currently working on an erotic-poetic cookbook.



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