Submissions: Seismic Roadtrip


Seismic Roadtrip

And the sights of the open landscape, and the high-spread sky, are fitting, And life and the fields, and the huge and thoughtful night.

—Walt Whitman

If the Beats are nothing more
than “wannabe white preppy college
hipster boys who just wanna smoke
pot and get laid” as I have heard
it said––then how does one
account for their spirit of adventure?

America looks out for Ginsbergs
careening down the roads,
genitalia and notebooks flying
out the windows of their cars,
heedless of tomorrow, not knowing
what they have to do, but knowing why.

Spontaneous verse is life poetical,
French-Canadian swearing by poutine
is adventurous, just as the 21st century
tea-ist who makes his life a work of art by kissing
and not feeling any repercussions, is adventurous.
“Everything in moderation” the denier says,
and I say “moderation is something.”

Now is the time to do Jell-O shots. To pound
the ground with bare feet––frenzied dancing,
to swallow clouds of amber and seafoam bubbles.

Alcohol and poetry are perennial sweethearts,
like madeleines and Earl Grey, Brie and prosciutto,
melon and Camembert, escargot and patersbier,
the open road and Kerouac, America—
they go well together.

Whitman was the first 21st century poet
followed by his lovers, carried on
across to California and Long Island.
Thanks to him all contradictions
are encouraged.

If vice is bad, at least it makes us good.
It makes us taste ourselves like olive oil
and inhibitions become vinegar.
A jug of cheap merlot is the lifeblood of inspiration,
its body smoke––a post-scriptal cigarette.
True, sex is important, friends
and jealousy, are inspiration––shaping us
through travel, unrolling a crumpled map
like a landscape of a starry road, like a blowing wind.

Jordi Alonso graduated with an AB in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Kenyon College in the spring of 2014, where he studied poetry and literary translation. He currently is a Turner Fellow in Poetry at SUNY Stony Brook Southampton and has been published or has work forthcoming in The Southampton ReviewEdible, The Colorado ReviewThe Lyric, and other journals. His first book, a collection of poems inspired by Sappho entitled Honeyvoiced was published by XOXOX Press in November of 2014. He is currently working on an erotic-poetic cookbook.


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