Submissions: Fragments


Sappho Fragments 9

I’m not the most beautiful woman in the
but this [transparent dress]
makes me feel sexy—
something about being
and acceptable anyway.

Sappho Fragments 11 (cv)

I released the last garment only recently-
Gettysberg garb-
where our Civil War ended and
you secured my defeat.
The used clothes bin was overflowing
other obligations fulfilled with
[cloth dripping] out,
threatening to spill all such
collected, discarded memories
onto muddy, winter ground.
I gathered up everyone
and added the last of us to the pile.

Sappho Fragments 23 (cix)

Miraculous October-
rapture ripening
[as the sweet apple reddens
on a high branch].
Love reached out
knowing that [high
on the highest branch]
your sights were set quite
beyond me.
I assumed that you had simply
waited for someone to notice
your fruits [and that the
apple pickers forgot].
[No, not forgot]-
I know now they [were unable
to reach] you.
And, I could never reach you either.
Truths about forbidden fruit
are in the seeking.

WHAM lives outside of Kingston, NY where she tends various plants and animals in their season. She teaches at local colleges, meditates frequently, and often suffers from being over-educated. She also writes a great deal and often indulges her obsession for reports of paranormal events. She can be reached at


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