New Sounds: Wives

Occasionally I will place my ear to the ground and know the fidelity of the earth and bear a sudden love for it. Such was the case when recently I was lucky enough to encounter Wives. The Queens based trio- which consists of Billy Hollandaise, Siddartha Washington, and Judy Michelangelo- craft tight, smart tunes perfect for walking around a city. Their debut four song release came out in June, with songs that wouldn’t feel out of place amongst the best of the Pixies catalog, without ever feeling derivative. Make sure to pay particular attention to the final track, “Shower Hour”, which is a perfect accompaniment for the incredible cover image for the release.

To leave you with words from Wives themselves, “like a god with huge blue eyes and limbs of snow, the sea and sky lure to the marble terraces the throng of roses, young and strong.”


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