Round-Up: Where to Publish This Week

A random selection of places that will pay for your writing this week.

coffee and journal

  1. Amethyst Arsenic will be accepting poetry and artwork until August 15. They pay $5 per accepted piece, and $25 if they choose you as a featured artist.
  2. Fiddlehead is currently accepting fiction and poetry. They pay approximately 40 Canadian dollars per published page, plus 2 complimentary copies of the magazine.
  3. Through August 1, 2015, The First Line Literary Journal is accepting submissions of poetry and fiction with the first line, “The old neighborhood was nearly unrecognizable.” Using the assigned first line is mandatory. They also accept nonfictional critical essays about the first lines of literary works. They pay $5-10 for poetry; $25-50 for fiction; and $25 for nonfiction.
  4. Stone Canoe Journal is accepting submissions of poetry, nonfiction, short fiction, plays, and visual arts through July 31. They award $500 for the best submissions. All writers submitting to Stone Canoe must have a first-person connection to upstate NY. See their website for more details.
  5. The Letters Page is a British epistolary literary journal currently accepting various genres for publication. They pay £100 for accepted work.

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