Submissions: The Choice of the Horses

moon and clouds

The Choice of the Horses

Somewhere in some division
of the fabric universe,
toward the sharp purple edge
where worlds are parallel
and multiply,
there is a globe inhabited
by wild horses
They race
in wind-whipped abandon
round and round the small sphere,
pounding the landscape
into hills, mountains, deserts

And just through the veil,
to the horse-made planet,
there is another
not unlike our own
It spins about a star
Its history is rife
with war, ancient civilizations,
famine, martyrs,

and in a single moment
of splintering golden reveal,
the curtain parts
and the earth-like globe collides
with the thundering herd.

The horses flood into that near world,
but not as horses—
they choose the transient form
of equine clouds.
For this one dusk only
they gallop across the sky,
dance in fuchsia explosion
until they dissipate.

If I could collapse
into another world,
I too would take to the sky.
I would make the choice of the horses:
ephemeral aerial beauty
for all to see but once—
a tremendous blaze,
then vanishing
with the setting sun

Castle Yuran is an MFA graduate from Goddard College, professional writing tutor at Northwest Connecticut Community College, and English teacher at Post University. This poem comes from her MFA thesis collection entitled, Home is a Road.


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