Letters to Celebrities: Jon Hamm

Dear Mr. Jon H.A.M.M.,

Recently I learned that your last name is actually an acronym (“Hearing Always Monster Mash”). I am just writing to say that you are very brave and an inspiration to others like you who are suffering with this terrible condition.

I listened to Monster Mash four times in a row so that I could try to empathize with your situation. It wasn’t that bad, but I did have some flashbacks to the haunted house in my elementary school’s library. However this is nothing when I compare it with what you experience every day, all day.

I commend you on using a stage name that reveals your condition. I think that kids growing up with this condition will say to themselves, “Jon H.A.M.M. was just like me, and look how far he went!”

A big fan,

Lauryn E. Hamlen


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